mawk phoenix


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After helping many other artist writing and producing their music over the years (including co-producing and remixing multiple billboard top ten hits for major artists in different genres as well as producing young up-and-coming musicians) it was time for me to put my heart and focus on figuring out what my sound is. I took me one year of internalizing and writing and it was a year of transformation, personally and musically until MAWK PHOENIX was born.

Musically, I wanted to come back to the roots of my musicianship, which is the guitar and combine it with everything that I learned from modern production styles like electronic music. I also didn’t want to hide behind nice concepts but be very personal yet universal at the same time. 

I am planing on releasing multiple EPs and am rehearsing to play it live, something I always wanted to do but that got overruled by too much studio work. This first EP you can get for free by supporting me and signing up to my email list. Of course, I won’t spam you or share your info and you can unsubscribe any time.

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