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Headline: I like POP Music?!

Yes, it’s true: I always had an affinity for POP music. I know, I know, for some this is a dirty word while for others it means heaven. But maybe I can give you a little broader definition that works for me…For me it simply means music from today.

Maybe I am traumatized because I am the son of classical musicians and was supposed to live out the dream my mom, the violin teacher wasn’t fortunate enough to experience herself. Although I can remember making music back to my earliest memory, it wasn’t until I was a teenager and heard those strange sounds leaking over from the cassette tapes and vinyls of my older sister’s room that made me think this might be actually worthwhile practicing my violin. There was something undeniably alive in this music, something that I could actually relate to. It was a while though before I traded the motorcycle I had built for an electric guitar and yet when I attempted to write my first songs and started jamming in a band it all start finally making sense to me.


I do live now, today, within my cultural surroundings, with everything I like and despise about it, with all the highs and heartbreaks of my personal life. I never understood why I should keep playing what someone found relative 200 years ago? Of course, as I get older and hopefully wiser, I can absolutely appreciate the force of a Beethoven Sonata or the colors of an impromptu by Debussy or a earth-shaking riff of a Jimmy Hendrix’ guitar but I need to keep going forward and expressing what’s relative to me now.

Now POP music, well I think of it like bread. A variety from the nutrition-less Wonderbread that you forget the moment you devoured it to the dark German 12-grain loaf that you really have to chew on and that stays fresh for a long while. And once in a while it’s fun to have that fresh croissant that you know will only be good right now but is fun nevertheless…


All have their place and a different purpose. Instead of raging wars which ones are worthy, we really can only measure them by how well they accomplish what they are set out to do. How could I really judge or critique a Rap song without grasping the social context of what they are talking about and relate to it in some way. And even I wouldn’t love it I could appreciate aspects of styles, like the innovative production techniques of a Dubstep tune or the exquisite recording quality of a Country song even if I don’t have the same life experience. To have preferences is totally fine but there is no point in mixing them up with quality. For me they are all part of the POP music in the bigger sense and what I personally love the most is if you create something that catches your attention right away, as simple as a groove, an emotionally seductive 4 chord progression or a sticky as hell hook and then use uniqueness and sophistication to clothe it in a new way that gives you the pleasure to hear it over and over again without burning out. (Maybe that’s why the Beatles were the Kings of POP…)

I had the pleasure to help write, produce and/or remix a lot of POP music over the years. Form super bright Ballads from Celine Dion to dark Electronic sounds of Peter Gabriel to acoustic, ethereal indie scores and pounding progressive house remixes. But in the last year or so it became clear to me that I needed to find my own unique voice. In a phase of my life that wanted to challenge everything, I couldn’t be too fluffy and my music had to become more personal as well. But to deny the lighter stuff wouldn’t be authentic either. We all go through different phases and what is better than your own personal soundtrack…

My music will always have an aspect of those POP songs and productions even in my darker music. The only difference was that I felt that I was hiding a bit in those songs and it was time to be myself even if that feels scary and naked at times. These new songs are about transformation and for that reason I created a new identity that should explain my name a bit better now.

I spent the whole last year just writing and recording and getting ready to play live now. I turned down most other projects because I can’t do it half way .


So I am almost starting over again, building from the ground up and it would be my distinct pleasure- in case you can relate to any of this ramble of course- if you would subscribe to my page and join me on my path of transformation. Maybe there’s something you need to dare to try, something that calls to be born, invented, created, tried, risked because you know it’s better to try than die not having tried at all. It would be great to hear your comments or maybe even share what you are trying to accomplish. If you don’t try you’ll never know…(:

If you want to hear the newest release before it officially comes out you can click on this here.

All my best and thanks for reading this and listening as well!

You are half of the equation.

Mawk Phoenix