“Listeners emerge from the shadows to find a sonic meadow where senses are brimmed with warmth and exhilarating clarity of self. It’s a sonic journey to a zenith of tranquility and transcendence.”


  1. FUNKY SX (UK): “Amazing! Love it. It’s as if Simon & Garfunkel collaborated with Air”
  2. BACK TO CULTURE (UK): “Brilliant piece of work”
  3. NTS RADIO (UK/US): “..the sexy Brit vocal like Sting and Peter Gabriel”.

About the artist and producer:

Mawk Phoenix is a Swiss-born, long-term LA-based singer-songwriter and avid world traveler now residing on the small Island of Gozo/Malta.
The former producer Billboard #1 Hit Producer (for artists like Celine Dion, Enya, Peter Gabriel, Nelly Furtado and many more) has left the commercial realm to create a very introspective and personal collection of songs about transcendence and transformation of humankind. He calls his blend of acoustic guitars, atmospheric textures and electronic beats he calls ACOUSTICA.

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