These evocative lyrics from the song “Walk Alone” on Mawk Phoenix’s debut album This Is The Sound delivers with an impressionistic conviction of a traveler who knows his odyssey has no end. And It is in the singer-songwriter tradition that the album unfolds a framework of vignettes that explores the thematic reconciliation of a self-awakening.
 After spending two decades producing in Los Angeles with countless radio hits and music compositions featured on Blood Diamond, Little Miss Sunshine, Sex & The City, Charmed, Scrubs, and so many more, Phoenix was ready to transform his art as well as himself.
 Now, This Is The Sound (Very Music) marks Phoenix’s solo debut as a singer-songwriter. “I realized that as a producer I was ready for evolution,” says Phoenix. He stepped away from mainstream success of producing chart-topping artists to consider his hopes and dreams. “I became inspired to define my authentic voice and sound. That time resulted in articulating my own story of growth and self-transformation”.
 And it’s in this time of self-reflection that the Former Billboard #1 hit-producer to mainstream artists like Celine Dion, Nelly Furtado, and Peter Gabriel developed a sub-genre that he refers to as Acoustica.
 Phoenix became aware that the lyrical themes of his songs reflected human transformation and evolution. “This rite of passage deserved a new moniker and so Mawk Phoenix was born,” says Phoenix. At the core of his new musical nucleus are deeply layered songs with the acoustic guitar at the forefront. In This Is The Sound, which captures a breathtaking journey of “universal human expansion,” Phoenix builds lush, dynamic and sometimes tribal arrangements. The electronic sound design blends traditional songwriting with real strings and percussion for a sonic escape that is garnering great reviews as “if Simon&Garfunkel collaborated with Air,” (FUNKY SX RADIO) and “Brilliant Piece of Work” (BACK TO CULTURE). 
 Mawk Phoenix was born Marc Dold, the son of two professional classical musicians, and raised in the serene grandeur of rolling hills and the epic backdrop of the Swiss Alps. “Switzerland was peaceful and beautiful environs surrounded by tranquility; I still carry that bit of calmness with me,” says Phoenix of his home. Yet, he found himself an outsider. “I didn’t share my parents love for dead composers,” he explains of his time growing up. But with a new electric guitar and a 4-track recorder, “I realized I can write my own songs.”
 Phoenix knew that he wanted a well-rounded education. He attended the University of Zurich and received a master’s degree in classical guitar and pedagogy. He then moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music where he studied Jazz and Songwriting, receiving an award for best Singer-Songwriter. But the academic world of music wasn’t his calling yet. No, he yearned for a place where dreams come true. 
 He followed his dream and moved to Los Angeles. Starting from ground zero and a need to put some “butter on his bread” he learned new skills that served as a lesson in interacting with clients, selling a product, and setting up studios that led to bigger rewards. “Many of my clients appreciated and recognized my knowledge from the studio installs and asked me to help with their productions,” says Phoenix of his early time in Los Angeles. And it was under the auspices of SAF (Swiss American Federation) he produced many accomplished artists including Celine Dion, Alice Cooper, Nelly Furtado, Paul van Dyk, Enya and Peter Gabriel - some of which became hits, selling over 30 million albums. 
 Phoenix also released seven indie albums with ambient duo, “Aurah," on his Label Very Music, Inc. and wrote close to a thousand cues for film & tv. Many of the songs featured in movies including a full-length film score for the award-winning indie film “Loving Annabelle”. 
 During the last 10 years, Phoenix has also become passionate about teaching other musicians the art of production and improving the quality of their songwriting. He has lectured at the legendary Musicians Institute in Hollywood and teaches production techniques. He is currently developing an educational channel called “Musical Architects,” which will offer online courses that help music makers to create better songs and recordings.
 Phoenix is an avid world traveler, loves working from different locations across the globe, and plays intimate house concerts wherever the road takes him. The latest stretch of his odyssey has taken him to the beautiful Mediterranean Island -- and storied shipping port -- of Malta where he currently resides with his partner.